CTT Dongle - How to Update your Sensorgnome Software (Raspberry Pi)

A finished Sensorgnome, ready to be deployed.


Cellular Tracking Technologies (CTT) has developed tags which operate on a different frequency (434 MHz) from Lotek’s tags (~166.380 MHz). CTT has their own radio dongles which are effective and cheaper than FUNcube dongles (FCD), but they require a software patch for them to work on a Sensorgnome. These instructions are how to install this patch.


  • Assembled Raspberry Pi with SD card, button, and power adapter.

  • CTT Motus Adapter.

Steps for updating file to Sensorgnome

  1. Download the CTT update from here.

  2. Rename the file to “sensorgnome_update.tar.bz2”.

  3. Connect to the Sensorgnome using Wi-Fi or Ethernet cable.

  4. Install the FileZilla Client, available from the project’s website.

  5. Open FileZilla and connect to the file system using the following credentials:
    • Host: sftp://

    • Username: root

    • Password: root

  6. Navigate to /boot/uboot/ and upload the update file there.

  7. Reboot the Sensorgnome and connect to it again.

  8. If the CTT dongle still doesn’t show up on the web interface, try rebooting again.